The Blackwell Firm believes in three things: Honesty, Justice and Accessibility


Honesty: We will listen to you and investigate your particular circumstances. We will give you an honest assessment of the value of your claim. The Blackwell Firm will not deceive you into believing your claim is worth something that it is not, whether more or less than its real value. You will receive an honest opinion about your claim.

Justice: We want justice for you. We will advocate for you aggressively and intelligently with the laws and facts that support our position. You deserve justice for your experience and we will aggressively pursue justice for you.

Accessibility: Ms. Blackwell will personally speak to you as often as you desire. She will explain each step of the litigation process and prepare you for everything you will experience. You will never be ignored or pushed aside regardless of the value of your claim. Ms. Blackwell does not have cases, she has personal, important clients for whom she will treat with the respect and care each one needs and deserves. The Blackwell Firm is selective in its clients so each client accepted is an important part of The Blackwell Firm and of Ms. Blackwell’s concerns.

If you are a prospective client and you want additional information about The Blackwell Firm’s dedication to Honesty, Justice, and Accessibility, then contact Ms. Blackwell and she will answer your questions. If you are a current client of Ms. Blackwell and you believe that The Blackwell Firm has not adhered to its dedication to Honesty, Justice or Accessibility, please contact Ms. Blackwell so she can discuss such issue and amend it if possible.