Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

The Blackwell Firm assists workers in filing and pursuing claims against their employer or former employer with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”). Many employment lawyers do not assist their clients with this process unless there is a mediation. The Blackwell Firm believes it is much better for a client to retain a lawyer prior to filing the EEOC claim.


Ms. Blackwell will explain the entire EEOC process, the importance of particular facts and legal issues and complete the required forms for the client. Moreover, Ms. Blackwell does not permit the EEOC speak to her clients unless she permits it and is present.

After a charge is filed, the employer, or former employer is notified of the claim. There may be the opportunity for mediation which will be fully explained in a free consultation. After an investigation, the EEOC submits a “Right to Sue” letter. This correspondence of vital importance because the employee only has 90 days to file a lawsuit. Ms. Blackwell meets with her clients after a “Right to Sue” letter is submitted to explain the process, the costs, the benefits and all of the information necessary for the client to make an informed decision regarding moving forward with a complaint filed with the court.

Ms. Blackwell has many clients currently in the EEOC process in the Tampa and Miami office. She will provide significant information and discuss the specific issues with each person’s individual claim in a free consultation.

Sara Blackwell uses her cellular telephone so that she is readily accessible to her clients at all times. You will not need to go through several layers of personnel to speak to Ms. Blackwell. She will provide a free consultation through telephone or via email. Call or email today: 941- 961-3046; sara@theblackwellfirm.com