Dispute Negotiations, Contract Law & Contract Attorneys in Sarasota, FL

The Blackwell Firm negotiates and prepares contracts of every type for individuals and for businesses. Many people going into business together or starting employment with a company do not think that a contract is important because there are no current problems and the people trust each other. The contract would then never need to be used. However, it is grave importance that a contract with fair terms and conditions be prepared, so that, in the event there is a dispute, there is a contract which sets forth the resolution.


Many individuals or companies may simply need a contract reviewed and recommendations provided. Employees, employers, and other persons in a contract with another person or entity can come to The Blackwell Firm for review of the contract, have all of their questions answered and they will receive experienced advice on the terms of the contract.

If there is an oral or written contract and a dispute arises, The Blackwell Firm will review the contract and the facts as provided by the client. The particular terms of the contract, case law and regulations on the particular issues in dispute are vital to negotiating the dispute or prevailing in a claim for breach of contract. It is important to retain an attorney with the education and skill to review and understand the contract language and the relevant case law on the disputed issues.

The Blackwell Firm represents anyone who needs a contract, who has a contract dispute and anyone who needs a review of a contract for recommendation purposes.

The Blackwell Firm also has experience in negotiating non-contractual disputes. There may be a pending, anticipated or active dispute. Contact Sara Blackwell for a free consultation regarding such dispute.

Sara Blackwell uses her cellular telephone so that she is readily accessible to her clients at all times. You will not need to go through several layers of personnel to speak to Ms. Blackwell. She will provide a free consultation through telephone or via email. Call or email today: 941- 961-3046; sara@theblackwellfirm.com